Trip & Sunny Visit Salina’s Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure!

Trip and Sunny blog about their experiences as they explore Kansas I-70 communities!

Spent most of the day at Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure just west of Salina.  We took a tram tour of the zoo and saw so many beautiful animals…rhinos, flamingos, big cats, camels, aardvarks and more.  Look at the size of the orangutan that posed with Trip!  His name is Robbie, and the animal keeper told us he’s a ‘teenager’ – which accounts for his playfulness.  And here’s a good shot of us next to ‘The Watering Hole’ in the wildlife museum. That fella behind us is actually a robot, who told us all about life in Africa. We grabbed a bite at the Overlook Restaurant and bought some great stuff in the gift shop.  What a beautiful place! We’ll be back for sure…  Next stop – Smoky Hill Vineyards and Winery north of Salina.  More later…

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